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Upgraded version-V-shaped / Diamond-shaped Drip Bag Coffee

Taste the original taste of hand drip coffee

Especially suitable for brewing coffee beans with rich taste and full aroma


~ Enjoy high-quality coffee easily ~
Essential for home, work and travel


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Upgraded V-shaped Drip Bag Coffee vs. traditional square Drip Bag Coffee
The V-shaped filter bag imitates the conical filter cup design, and the flavor is closer to hand brewed coffee
Compared with the traditional hanging ear bag, it can filter and soak the coffee powder evenly to bring out a better taste
Imported from Taiwan, the bag is of good quality, which is more conducive to water absorption and durability

Features of Lov Lov Coffee Drip Bag Coffee
Ground with freshly roasted coffee beans in the store
Use 12g doubled coffee powder to make the brew more flavorful


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Delicious preparation equipment: long-mouth kettle, tall cup, hot water

brewing method :
i) Steaming (add a small amount of about 20ml of hot water, let stand for 20-30 seconds)
ii) Slowly add a total of 180-210ml of 88-95°C hot water at once/divided
iii) Remove the filter bag, mix well, and enjoy (It is recommended to taste the brownie~)




Ordering method: Lov Lov Online Shop - V Drip Bag Coffee

Pickup method: store pickup / SF Express
Payment method: Bank deposit / PayMe / PayPal / Credit Card