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Silicon Stone Education International Certificate Course


Recommendation: Strong interest in coffee set / If you want to join the industry, you want to qualify


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Silicon Stone Education Lausanne Project-Barista SSE International Barista Certificate Course
Lov Lov Coffee is the American Society of Silicon Stone Education

【International Coffee Barista Course】 Registration Examination Center




Course Introduction:Participants completed the 38-hour certificate course and successfully passed the written test and operation test

Receive "Silicon Stone Education Internationally Recognized Barista Certificate"
Class and test language: Cantonese Chinese

Target and requirements: 16 years old or above (coffee lover, aspiring barista)

Class and exam location: Lov Lov Coffee workshop

Classes: 15 lessons (2.5 hours each), and 1 written test and operation test



Course content

Unit 1 Introduction to Coffee Knowledge

SSE1 Coffee's historical origin, distribution and unique culture and customs of origin

SSE2 Types, cultivation and process of coffee beans

Unit Two Espresso

SSE3 The working principle of Italian high pressure coffee machine

SSE4 Coffee Shop Hot Drink Making Method

SSE5 basic coffee drawing skills

Unit three coffee roasting

SSE6 Basic coffee bean roasting knowledge-the structure of raw and cooked beans

SSE7 advanced coffee roasting knowledge-roasting degree and aroma

Unit 4 coffee extraction

SSE8 coffee bean selection and grinding techniques, grinding principles and evolution process

SSE9 Basic Extraction Principle-The Origin and Identification of Flavor

SSE10 Advanced Extraction Principle — Understanding the composition of coffee

SSE11 Different coffee appliance usages to taste different flavors of coffee

unit 5 Barista Cognition

SSE12 The composition of coffee and its health

SSE13 Barista safety and health instructions and professional ethics, coffee shop operation
Unit 6 Examination key exercises

SSE14 Written Examination of Dagang and Operational Test Process Suggestions Exam Rules, Detailed Tips and Practice SkillsSSE15 Written Examination Highlights Review and Practice Review and Practice Before the Operation Examination


SSEE written test 60 minutes, operation test (6 cups of coffee completed in 18 minutes)


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