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SCA International Certificate Program

Recommendation: Those of you who have a strong interest in coffee utensils / want to join the industry, and want to have a deep understanding of different fields of coffee, as well as you who have obtained the qualifications


Specialty Coffee Association - Coffee Skills Program


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About SCA
The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is a not-for-profit, membership organization founded on the power of openness, inclusivity and knowledge sharing.
From farmers to baristas to roasters, our members span the globe and cover every element of the coffee value chain.
As an integrating force in the specialty coffee industry, SCA raises global standards through mutual cooperation and progress.
Strive to make coffee better, committed to creating a fair, sustainable and nurturing industry, providing insights and inspirations that have been deeply involved in the specialty coffee community for many years.



Coffee Skills Program
This coffee skills program consists of five full course units and a separate introductory course.
The five modules are: Barista Skills, Brewing, Green Beans, Roasting and Sensory Skills,
Each course unit consists of three levels: basic, intermediate and professional. Learners can choose the appropriate unit and course level according to their personal needs.
Students who complete the course and successfully pass the exam will be issued the "SCA Specialty Coffee Association Coffee Skills Course Certificate" and obtain corresponding course credits
After successfully accumulating 100 credits, you can get an additional "SCA Coffee Skills Diploma Certificate"






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