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Leisurely DIY


Recommend: Those who want to have a drink in the place and want to have some fun
"DIY. Sigh coffee. Play Latte art"
The shop has professional coffee machines and various tools
Allow guests to learn and DIY their own unique pattern drinks in real time
Feel the fun of being a barista ~
* Welcome to visit during business hours*

After completion, you can enjoy the in-store space and taste the works*

The DIY series does not include tutor teaching, if you are interested, you can go to our "professional courses / workshops"







uhk on.cc weekendhk 飲食男女
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ufood toofullforfood
專訪 (2018/1/27)
<<Too Full For Food 
太飽喇>>專訪 (2018/10/31)


umagazine weekendhk

<< U Magazine >>interview
Issue 541 - U Food [Food News 015]

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飲食男女 umagazine
<< 飲食男女 >>interview
~ 專訪詳情,請按此 ~
<< U Magazine >>interview
Issue 566 - U Food [Hot Topic 030]