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Tutor qualifications


Tutor's professional qualifications:


Professional international certificate qualification:

City & Guilds International Award in Barista Skills
Silicon Stone Education Lausanne Project - Barista
Specialty Coffee Association - Barista Skills 
(歐洲精品咖啡協會認證 - 咖啡師技巧) 
Specialty Coffee Association - Brewing 
(歐洲精品咖啡協會認證 - 咖啡師技巧) 
Specialty Coffee Association - Roasting
(歐洲精品咖啡協會認證 - 咖啡師烘焙) 

 Instructor qualifications:
  -Years of experience in coffee shops, hotels and restaurants

-Established a coffee studio in 2015, full-time coffee and lahua teaching work

-Once provided coffee interest classes and training courses for large and small enterprises, institutions and schools

-Formally became City & Guilds in 2018[International Coffee Blender Course] Registered Test Center Instructor

-Officially become the American Society of Silicon Stone Education in 2019[International Coffee Blender Course] Registered Test Center Instructor


Quality Assurance:


We also put great emphasis on the quality of drinks
Special selection of high-quality fresh roasted coffee beans and materials
Regardless of product and classroom instruction
Can enjoy high-quality drinks




Our coffee courses are provided by Ting Sir Coffee Roastery