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School Course

~ Welcome school / NGO / organization / charity classes / courses / interest classes ~

Venue: Our studio or on-site teaching
School / Institution Lahua Class


Organize "Interest Classes" or "Extracurricular Activities" for students

 -Effectively cultivate students' personal interests

 -Enrich students' extracurricular life

-Increase students' sense of belonging to the school

-Future career orientation / experiencel


 -Number of lessons: 4 lessons-10 lessons

 -Duration of each session: 1-1.5 hours

-Number of people recommended: about 10 people

-Target: Primary 5 or above



On-site teaching services (one-time interest classes and multiple courses) 

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[New!!] Online teaching service

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Past partner schools / institutions / affiliated units: 




HKU, CUHK, PolyU, City U, HKUST, OUHK, HKBU, Lingnan UEdUHK, Primary and secondary schools in each district

Hong Kong Youth Association, Hong Kong Youth Service, VTC (IVE, THEi), YMCA, YWCA
Salvation Army, Caritas, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, Po Leung Kuk, Lutheran Church, Scout Zhiyou Society, Leshan Hall, Sise Garden
Hong Chi Association, Lixian Society, Xie Hong Society, Yie Qing She, Hong Kong Disability Association, Hong Kong Drug Addiction Association, Hong Kong Good Guides Association
Christian and Missionary Alliance, Christian Family Service, Christian Hong Kong Lutheran Church, Christian Action Church
Divine Care, Evangelism, St. James ’Settlement, Lequn Social Service, Methodist Methodist Kwun Tong Social Service
Children's Club, Hong Kong Career Development Service, Mong Kok Neighbourhood Club, Baptist Aiqun Social Service
Newborn Mental Rehabilitation Association Jockey Club, Community Drug Education Counselling Association, Hong Kong Family Welfare Association
Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council, Juvenile Police, Social Welfare Department, Correctional Services Department, Immigration Department, Electrical and Mechanical Services Department





Teaching News:

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~ Part 1 ~

~ Part 2 ~


~ Part 1~

~ Part 2~



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